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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
You may want to look at Straight Talk. They run on the Verizon network. You should be able to take your phone over. The prices are good.
The prices are indeed very good! Their website tells me that I can keep my phone with no hassles or cost to switch. $35 per month with no contract if I wanted unlimited everything, $50 per month with no contract for completely unthrottled data (they say that they might check what you’re up to if you use more than 60 GB per month on this plan).

Why would you go to a big company and pay more for less when you could pay less for more from Straight Talk or something? What do bigger companies offer that someplace with better prices doesn’t? The only downside that I see is that I can’t do a trade in, and I didn’t look very closely for that service.
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