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Originally Posted by jvang View Post
While this seems like a good idea, my parents want me to have a separate plan, like a first step into adulthood or something like that. Paying for my third of the plan seems to not be an option.
Learning on and making mistakes on something small is a good way to go. Gathering information and seeking advice before plunging in as you are doing seems promising. I was just looking at Wirefly the other day regarding data-only plans. There's a lot of info there about general phone plan offerings available too. Watch out for analysis paralysis. Good luck. Especially if you'll be paying the bill with money you earn yourself.

(I went from a monthly and very limited plan with one provider to prepaid with another provider, Tracfone, some months back, and I expect the savings to repay the Samsung J3 smartphone cost in 6 months or so from start. It's convertible to autopay via credit card. Number portability and changeover was smooth and straightforward. Projected cost is under $20/month for my low usage. There are few monthly plans in that range, and all I recall is a Consumer Cellular limited basic phone plan for less. There is a market for selling and buying used phones; I've gotten several on ebay for example.)

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