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Default Cell Phone Monthly Pythons

I’ll be turning 18 soon, and my parents want me to pay for my own cell phone plan, but it’s surprisingly complicated to figure out much! We're currently spending $50 per line for unlimited data, talking, and texting. Our current carrier is Verizon, and I have an iPhone SE. The cheapest plan I found that they offer for a single phone is $30, but it’s strictly for a “basic” phone, not smartphones.

I'd rather not have to switch phones, since A) it’s a nice, well-functioning phone and B) I’d get scammed in a trade-in for a phone worth several hundred dollars less than what I already have. I appreciate the other features of my phone that are a result of it being a smartphone, such as being able to surf the internet when I want/need to, or use Google Maps, or take nice pictures.

The cheapest plan I found for a smartphone is $55, which is really a lot and I don’t even need much of what it offers (besides, it’s more money for less stuff compared to the current situation). Among other gimmicky things, it gives me 5 gigabytes of data (if I’m in a position to use the internet it’s somewhere that has a WiFi connection) and unlimited talk/text, yet I don’t talk a lot or message a lot (unlimited is convenient, but I don’t think it’s necessary).

So $55 a month seems like a bit much, with no other alternatives from Verizon. But perhaps going to a different carrier is an option? From what I know so far, my phone is “locked” to Verizon services. But I’m guessing that other carriers have ways to get around this? I noticed that, if I were going to trade in my phone to Verizon from another carrier versus already being with Verizon, my phone was automatically worth less. Would they be charging me for coming from another carrier?

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