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Oh, you guys are just NUTS!!

Karsten, I about fell over laughing at your last suggestion. Converting residuals to decimal and finding primes. Now THAT is funny!!

I'm quite impressed by Max's first one here but I'm sorry, I can't get too impressed with only 5 repeating digits in a residual. You'll have to make it 6 or more repeating digits...7 would be better. time to sift through my 100's of thousands or millions of residuals right now. I may do so at some point.

BTW, we don't collect residuals on any tests for n<25K on base 3. That would be stupid! lol The primes themselves are huge enough.

Here's a question for the higher-math types: Can you reverse engineer a residual? That is: I'll post a residual and people can tell me what test(s) it applies to. I assume that it could apply to an infinite # of tests but the percentage of total tests would be very small. I'm sure if you kept the k-value, base, and n-value relatively small when doing the reverse engineering that it would only apply to just a few possible tests.

That would be an interesting question to pose in some sort of "puzzles" forum.


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