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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
I know I can use the windows command line "copy" app to copy several files into one, (by specifying many source files and one destination file) but the problem is that, as you might expect, they're named very similarly (I have four names total in case you're curious, lresults.txt, lresults1.txt, lresults2.txt, and lresults13.txt) and I have a lot of them, so I can't just dump them all into a folder together to find it easily. Any ideas how I can do this more easily than manually renaming each one to something different? BTW I can get them all in a list together by searching in the folder for anything with lresults in the file name, so if something needs to be done from that, it can be done.
In short, how can I combine lresults files?
the command is correct:

try: help copy
and you got an overview of the parameters.

copy lresults.txt+lresults1.txt+lresults2.txt+lresults13.txt all.txt
and all 4 result-files will be copy to one named "all.txt"

an easier way:
copy *.txt all.txt
will copy all *.txt-file in the directory to 'all.txt'

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