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Another thing to look for when you look for 'interesting' residuals: related words coded in the hex. or
e.g. prime is 7072696d65, NPLB is 4e504c42, CRUS is 43525553, !prime (not prime, which is true for any number with this in the residual because it has a non-zero residual ) is 217072696d65, 74612 (Max's example's k, this portion of residue would be interesting only if found in this specific residue, of course...or you could look for these actual numbers instead of the residue of their ASCII equivalent, or you could convert it to hex, 12374 and look for that) is 3734363132, etc. etc. you get the idea.
Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
I can't believe you've got me trawling through an old lresults file.

Who can find the longest word? (Or who is going to write a program to find them?)
Look for some of those in residues.
Edit: I have many lresults files in a folder and subfolders and I'm trying to get them all into one big file so that I can look for interesting residuals more easily, especially with looking for hexwords and hex-encoded words as described above. I know I can use the windows command line "copy" app to copy several files into one, (by specifying many source files and one destination file) but the problem is that, as you might expect, they're named very similarly (I have four names total in case you're curious, lresults.txt, lresults1.txt, lresults2.txt, and lresults13.txt) and I have a lot of them, so I can't just dump them all into a folder together to find it easily. Any ideas how I can do this more easily than manually renaming each one to something different? BTW I can get them all in a list together by searching in the folder for anything with lresults in the file name, so if something needs to be done from that, it can be done.
In short, how can I combine lresults files?

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