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Default Torrent client that resists leechers?

I'm not sure if this topic is allowed on here, and I'd definitely encourage people to NOT talk about illegal downloads.

But the question I have is is there a torrent client that's reasonably easy to use and can resist leeching with the right settings? I'm not afraid of command line or manuals, but I'm hoping for something that can be used immediately and maybe tweaked later.

My main interest is resisting leechers, by not uploading to them. I've heard of a program, I forget the last name but it had tyrant in the title. I looked it up, but the main page had an update date of 2006 and might have been discontinued. It's the only program I could find that obviously resisted leechers.

Lastly, it would be nice if I could transfer my settings over and have the new program be aware of the torrents I already have.

Thanks in advance.
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