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Default Need special floaty tab program

Okay, my subject leaves something to be desired, but here's the situation.

In Steam, and 1 or 2 other programs, there's a small portion of the window that has the information I need. In Steam's case, it's in the bottom right-hand corner of the window, the part that tells me how many people are online.

Obviously, if zero people are online, there's no one for me to talk to. The problem is that the number of people online is in the Store window. Steam is a capitalistic company so it makes total sense that they'd only do this in the store window. Putting the number in the top of the Friends window would be way more sensible, but again, capitalism.

Anyway, I'm hoping there's a window program that I can set up where when I float over the new icon or tab, it'll show me what that little corner of the window would look like if I opened the whole thing up. And then if I click on that new tab, it'll open up my Friends tab in Steam. It's okay if I need to re-connect it after every reboot, especially if the setup process is mouse-based.

I check that stuff like a billion times, because my friend goes in the hospital a lot and I worry about him. Not that my reason really matters, just saying.

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