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Hmm...but without an LLR version for anything other than x86, that might turn out to be a bit tricky. (Not that I mean to try to detract "customers" from my "home project" of sorts...) Maybe it wouldn't be too hard for Mlucas or Glucas to be modified to do LLR tests instead of LL's? Because if an LLR version of either of those programs was developed, that would be a huge boon for lots of "smaller" projects, most of which do LLR or Proth tests as their primary workload.
Jean has worked on a generic LLR, i.e. one that can run on any hardware. I've actually done some testing of it. It works, but is much slower and the x86 version. I don't recall how many orders of magnitude, but it might have been 4x slower or even more for bases that are powers of 2.
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