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I will not be taking a business trip for at least 2 weeks now. Therefore I'm going to leave my G4000 and G8000 intact until about 2-3 days before I leave again for about a week. I'll be coordinating with David before that time to move them over to his servers. We can utilize port 3000 that has already been set up and will need to create a new one for the first 6k drive, perhaps port IB6000.

In the mean time, if there are any problems on my ports namely related to a power outage or my IP address changing, they should be resolved within a few hours instead of days or a week or more like last time. So if you want a 3-day testing window for returning pairs, you can have more confidence that they won't go down for an extended period.

Test servers and personal servers mostly used by Max but that he could also set up for others if needed will remain on my machine.

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