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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
Can anyone help me with this question please?

How many kb are the NPLB tasks?
What would be the expected d/l kb per day for say an Intel Q6600?

I ask as I'm running out of peak download allowance from my ISP and need a project that doesn't consume heaps (like BOINC Rosetta does).
Oh, they're real small. I promise. You can do tons of pairs. Just put all of your machines on NPLB and you'll have no problem at all.

Seriously, I have no idea. Max or David, can you help answer this question?

Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
That's funny about the servers getting sucked dry.
Let me know if it ever happens again so I can fix it for you.

Although it was a bit of a hassle, you're right, it is rather funny in retrospect.

What was it that Ross Perot said about jobs going south if NAFTA paased when he ran for president back in 1992: "That giant sucking sound that you'll hear is the stampede of jobs to Mexico if NAFTA passes". That's exactly what happened here. We got our pairs sucked south and we had to go get them back. Alas, everything worked out.

Thanks for helping clear things back out again.

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