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Default Mersenne ?s

Doh sorry, I was actually meaning to ask what would be the first billionth Mersenne number? so would it be like this ? 1,000,000,000/log(2)= 3321928094.89. I am assuming I would not need to .89 at the end? So could I say this as an exponent like this 2^3321928094-1 ? or would i need to use the decimal number also ?

Judging from the stuff you wrote before this, I believe you've misspoke. The billionth Mersenne NUMBER would be a bit easier than the billionth Mersenne prime. It would simply be a matter of identifying the billionth prime(regular prime) and plugging that as n into 2^n-1.

No I was referring to the billionth exponent Mersenne Number ( a Mersenne number with and exponent in the billions that has not been proven yet) ..if I wanted to see if this Mersenne number was a Mersenne Prime?

So if the number above was indeed the lowest 2^n-1, n=M3321928094, Would I be able to start factoring this Mersenne number using trial factoring? Like I was saying in my original post Factoring all the way up to something like n^74 starting in the chronology like i was saying n^1, n^2...etc? Like when Prime95 grabs an assignment for trial factoring and puts it on your worktodo.ini example: Factor=3321928094,1 then Factor=3321928094,2 etc.. Factor=3321928094,74 OR do I have this all wrong? I am using the Factor=n thinking it is the same as what I was saying above being n^1, n^2, etc..n^74

Sorry if I am asking lame questions but as I said before I am trying to learn=) Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions

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