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Question Question about Mersenne Numbers

Hi all,

I am kinda new to Prime95 and all but am very interested in the hunt for new prime numbers and I have a question. I am wondering firstly, is there a simple program that can generate a Mersenne number for the bit depth specified? I mean of course a Mersenne number at its lowest to that depth like: If I say for instance want a MErsenne number that is 1 billion digits like 2^1000000000-1 or whatever.. I want the lowest number to the 1 billionth exponent that is Mersenne, then the next highest number that is Mersenne above the lowest, etc, etc. OR say for instance I put in like 1 million exponent it would spit out the lowest Mersenne number that is closest to 1,000,000th exponent, then upwards from there in chronological order. I have looked all over the web and can not find a list of Mersenne numbers (not talking about the ones proven to be prime already) just a list of all mersenne numbers, or a program that can generate mersenne numbers woudl be great! Sorry I am not a mathmetician or anything, i'm a complete newb, so my explanation may not be the greatest hehe....Any help would be greatly appreciated....I am kinda interested in starting factoring for the billionth mersenne prime search and I would like to know the lowest, next lowest, etc then decide which I may wanna start factoring as a start on my own little project..

Also would it be like this when doing Mersenne trial factoring... I find the billionth number for instance, then take that number say its n then do a Factor=n^1, then n^2, ....n^72 in that order??...I see on the billion project where they start at like n^74 then have worked down to like n^71 or so.. wouldnt it be more logical to start at n^1 then work up to n^74, n^75, etc? when factoring?...Maybe I'm all wrong in my thinkiology here but just figuring all this stuff out..


Ron G
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