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Originally Posted by moebius View Post
did You copy the libstdc files to your working directory?
yes. libstd... missing is not the issue, libcxx version is in that case.

I tried 3 different Linux for Colab versions and hit different issues in each, finally got Fan Ming's going, although it blocks mprime on the CPU due to excessive CPU usage in gpuowl. I think that is ~V6.11-329 based on dates. It does not give a version when it runs. Purpose of the exercise was to not only get that account going, but document what's needed to clone to other accounts' Google drives without building anew on each, or at every new launch that gets a different Colab VM.

From my "building with msys2" notes, to get an old gpuowl commit, find the hash corresponding to the version desired, by matching the leading digits of the hash to the trailing digits of the gpuowl version.
For V6.11-380-g79ea0cc that's 79ea0cc29184237b24018e9396df271ec2754e97.

Then do similar to
git clone --branch v6
cd gpuowl  
git checkout 79ea0cc29184237b24018e9396df271ec2754e97
or perhaps git reset --hard 79ea0cc29184237b24018e9396df271ec2754e97
There's more on my 3 attempts with downloaded builds in the second half of; use browser search for "build anew" to find the start of the relevant section.

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