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Default YAY... and Thanks ... and FAST!!!

Its running and it's a lot faster than a CPU.

A 6.7566 GhzDay P-1 in under 30 minutes with a P100 GPU

This would take 1 core of my 7820X 18 hours.
All 8 cores of my CPU could do just over 10 per day; this GPU could do almost 50 per day.

Observation: I specified B1=1,500,000 B2=30,000,000
I got Stage 1=2,164,271; Stage 2=1,460,867 primes and 2,880 (classes???)

PS I added the commas for readability

Observation#2: If I leave off the ,2 at the end of this worktodo.txt line
I get the error

2020-09-19 04:21:44 colab 1 FFT: 128K 256:1:256 (0.00 bpw)
2020-09-19 04:21:44 colab FFT size too large for exponent (0.00 bits/word).
2020-09-19 04:21:44 colab Exiting because "FFT size too large"

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