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Originally Posted by ZFR View Post
I have a question about assignements on GPU72. When I get new ones, I have the option of getting "Trial Factoring on Double Check Candidates".
It's also related to this sub-project I started a few years ago:

I came up with this idea a few years ago when someone whimsically wondered on this forum if there would ever be less than 20,000,000 unfactored candidates here:
You can see we are now at: 20,754,134. At the time it was well over 21Million.

So I extended the thinking like this:
Breaking it down I'm thinking if each 100M range has less than 2M unfactored we have the desired end result.
Similarly if each 10M range has less than 200K unfactored...
or each 1M range has less than 20K unfactored...
or each 100K range has less than 2,000 unfactored.
After some analysis I determined that to get every 100K range below 2,000 would require extra TF; but that alone would not get us there so some of us are also doing deeper P-1 and ECM factoring.

The GPUto72 project is helping out by making available "Trial Factoring on Double Check Candidates"
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