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Consensus: We'll count port 5000 stats since the start of the rally...but I should mention this: port 5000 is testing much larger k/n pairs so testing time will be longer. I think Carlos and I were the only ones that switched off to it during the outage. But if anyone else did, if you can move back to port 6 or 400 or even port 300, that would be better and faster. Port 300 should be stable with Lennart and me off of it.

I said we'd stop the rally at the normal time even if one person was against an extension, which is exactly what we have. I just thought of an alternative: If we add 24 hours to a 48-hour rally, that's 50%. For Lennart, how about we manually adjust his stats up by 50% and continue the rally until Monday at 7 PM GMT?

Lennart, would that be acceptable to you?

Is there anyone else who could not continue another day?

Carlos, I'm sorry you lost someone close to you last night. Let's get you a good prime!

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