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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
Do you guys want to move to Ironbits's server port 5000? We can easily boost to 510k...I made my rally in

I'll let Anon and Karsten and others make the call on that. It seems a bit unorthodox since there may be searchers on it that weren't interested in participating in the rally.

But I can't argue too much. I did port 5000 for 8-9 hours while I slept after asking Ironbits to set up port 400. Of course than that gives you and I an advantage over others that weren't aware of port 5000, etc.

I don't suggest that anyone move over to port 5000 right now. The question will be weather people processing port 5000 during and subsequent to the outage should have those stats counted in the rally.

I'm essentially neutral on the issue...other input needed. Opinions welcome from all who are participating in the rally. We could even do a poll. lol

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