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Default Extend rally?...

Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
Just a little over twelve hours left to go huh? Giving it another shot, maybe with a little luck will make it through the night tonight.

Due to the problems that we had, what does everyone think of extending the rally by 24 hours or perhaps just 4 hours? I realize that extending it 4 hours would put it ending around 11 PM or midnight in most European countries, which is why I'm throwing out the idea of extending it by 24 hours. Please chime in if either of those would be a problem. If we extend it by 24 hours, it would end early to mid-afternoon on a holiday here in the U.S. and 7-8 PM in Europe so there should be minimal interference with people's work schedules.

If even one person has a major problem with this, we probably shouldn't do it. It wouldn't be right to penalize someone for leaving a rally at the time that they had expected it to be over.

Bruce, port 300 should be good tonight. With Lennart and me off of it, that subtracts off 85+ cores. Extending the rally would give you a chance to catch up in the stats after losing almost a day. I personally lost 9-10 hours myself and I'm sure there are several others who lost a lot of rally processing, which is why I'm suggesting the extension.

Karsten and Anon, if we extended it by 4 hours and ended it late on Sunday (i.e. ~11 PM GMT), of course the final stats could wait until Monday or Tuesday since they need to be compiled from at least 3 sources.

One question...Do we use the times on the results files to tell how we know when the final k/n pair is submitted? With 3 sources of results for the rally, I could help with that, regardless of what we decide on an extention.

Edit: Making this a temporary stickied thread that will be moved back to the May 23rd-25th rally thread in a couple of days.


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