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Minus A new Wagstaff primality test ?

Let Wq=(2^q+1)/3, S0=(2^(q-2)+1)/3, and: Si+1=S2i−2 (mod Wq)

Wq is a prime iff: Sq−1 ≡ S0 (mod Wq)

I used this code on PariDroid (thanks to T.Rex) to check with some prime numbers and it seems it works for 29 and 37 I don't have Sq−1 ≡ S0 (mod Wq)

For exemple q = 29

q=29;Wq=(2^q+1)/3;S0=(2^(q-2)+1)/3;print(q," ",Wq);print(Mod(S0,Wq));S=S0;for(i=1,q-1,S=Mod(S^2-2,Wq);print(S))

This is a viable test or not ?

Thanks :)
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