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I've created an alternate table for Carol/Kynea:
- no sieve files listed
- no contributors listed
- n-values listed in one line (mostly sufficient)

Done so far:
- all (hope so) available historical data from
-- 3 threads in this forum
-- old page from S.Harvey
-- some old Yahoo posts

(A short table for copying the data into an editor is available here.)

Links see here, this page has to be updated after the following is done:

- some bases without Carol or Kynea to insert Done. For all bases <= 3000 there are currently
-- 96 without a Carol prime
-- 78 without a Kynea prime
- remaining data for bases<=3000 from my page/search
- two tables with least Carol or Kynea n-value

If more bases will be filled in it's better to change the template for categorizing any base into different parts (like 1-999, 1000-1999, 2000-2999,...).

Nice to have:
- some statistics
- some graphs

History entries and reserving any base (see base 2 for example) are also available as well as inserting a sieve file (see base 50).
The same procedure can be done for other prime types.

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