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When I told my dad about the lower price, he immediately took me to Wal-Mart so we could both get new SIM cards for the TracFone service (it seems that they’re the parent company of Straight Talk or something?).
Ha, now we see the reason behind it; dad gets the tech-savvy kid to do the research to find the savings strategy. A cell phone sales guy in a discount store with industry background told me about half the prepaid plans on the US market were from the Tracfone parent company.
Glad you found something you're satisfied with. Re credit history, one approach to that is establishing a reliable payment history on a monthly bill, like utilities; electric, phone,...
Re credit cards, they generally have awful interest rates, and some have fees, but some are no-fee and offer cashback or gas discounts or other in effect rebates. Absolutely pay off the balance on time in full every month without fail, and they can be better financially than paying cash or by debit card.
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