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Having your own plan might be a good way to establish a credit record. You will need that sooner than later.
Is it possible to have a credit record without a credit card? My mom (and I occasionally) listens to a well-known podcast by Dave Ramsey. One of his main ideas for becoming wealthy is to avoid the use of credit cards and other forms of debt, with the exception of your house (but you’re supposed to get a 15 year mortgage to pay it off faster). And he's shown that you can get a house without a FICO score or whatever most companies use to determine your eligibility. I don’t know much about this whole thing myself (haven’t bought a house or anything), so maybe someone can clear this up?

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Again, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

"Loyalty points" have to be paid from somewhere. Since these are publicly traded companies, they are paid by the consumer, not the shareholders.

If you can figure out how other customers pay for your "free" service, all the power to you....
I treat it as paying for x months of service and getting x+1 months for the same price. They could just charge less for each month, but that would reduce the money they get from irregular customers. I don’t mind getting extra stuff!
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