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[quote="apocalypse"]One thing I've thought would be nifty would be to automate the process of factoring 'small' M-numbers with ECM or P-1. Right now, the system is to pick something, work on it, and e-mail the results to George. I imagine that it would be something of a time saver both for George and for the participants if this kind of work could be rolled into the Primenet server.[quote]

To some extent this already exists in the form of the ECMNET client/server approach. The master server is generally loaded with numbers from one of the Cunningham tables and Mersenne numbers are merely a special case of these. Right now the server is loaded with the 3+ table (i.e. numbers of the form 3^n+1) but the 2- table is loaded from time to time.

Anyone interested in investigating ECMNET clients should go to Paul Zimmermann's ECMNET page at in the first instance and then perhaps contacting me if more assistance is required.

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