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One thing I've thought would be nifty would be to automate the process of factoring 'small' M-numbers with ECM or P-1. Right now, the system is to pick something, work on it, and e-mail the results to George. I imagine that it would be something of a time saver both for George and for the participants if this kind of work could be rolled into the Primenet server.

Other than that, I think it would be a good idea to standardize the primenet protocols so someone could build clients around Mlucas or Glucas for non-x86 platforms so they could get assignments and send results automatically.

I don't mean to impugn any of the hard work that George and others have put into the software (especially since I have done nothing to contribute). Basically, I think some added convenience could help us expand the user base and get us to 79.3M that much more quickly :) .
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