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I voted to continue filling in bases <=32, but I was confused about one thing: why leave out bases 3, 7, and Sierpinski 31?

I imagine that quite a lot of the project's computing power will be thrown on the bases that are powers of 2 (simply because they're quite attractive to users)--though I don't think that in any way the project should be limited to those. In fact, most of the bases that are at all close to having their conjectures proven are not powers of 2.

Probably if we do any team drives in the future, we might want to focus them on power-of-2 bases, though, since those bases would be the most attractive to new users (team drives are great for "test-driving" a project)--and, in the case of Base 16 Sierpinski, are some of the farthest away from being proven.
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