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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
PrimeGrid has finished their sieving and they only got up to about 2^33(a little under 8.6G).

I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to throw newpgen at these numbers? And, if, so, how high should I go? Also, I'm running Linux, and I've heard that newgen can be run commandline under Linux, is that true? I tried a number and it was banging along at about 10G every 1:30(m:s).
Your thread title and thread text do not belong together. If you have paid any attention to PrimeGrid, you would know that n*2^n+/-1 are known as Cullens and Woodalls. Also, if you have paid any attention to the PrimeGrid message boards you would know that you need to use a combination of MultiSieve and gcwsieve to sieve numbers of this form.

BTW, I also gave Geoff the code so that gcwsieve would not need to rely on MultiSieve for the initial sieving, but AFAIK, he has not implemented it.
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