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Default The Official "Lost Exponents???" Thread

Here's what I did:

I back up all the necessary Prime95 files manually, every 10 days or so but especially right before a result is finished. Two months ago, I found this very random folder which I used the very first time to back up my Prime files and eventually forgot about. I noticed there were three mersennes in its worktodo.ini file that I somehow didn't transfer to my new worktodo.ini file. (Forget why I had to do that to begin with...)

So what I did was I transfered the three mersennes to my new worktodo file. Now one of those old mersennes was 3370####, and I know that for the past YEAR I was being assigned mersennes in the 3379#### to 3419#### range. That makes me think that this 3370#### prime had at some point definitely been reassigned to someone. HOWEVER.... one of the three mersennes that I transferred to my new worktodo file did get automatically deleted because it didn't belong to me.

So I need advice on what I should do. I don't want to steal someone else's work, and I don't want my work to disappear on me either.