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Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
Only if you'll do a lot of P-1 or ECM work.
You won't get P-1 or ECM assignments even if you ask for them unless you have more than 200MB available.

The only other assignment type which may lead to stage 2 memory use are first time LL tests. This is because the separate P-1 effort has only just started, and most first time tests currently being assigned have not had this done.

Therefore, if you are going to do first time tests, it's worthwhile allocating at least 200MB, even if it's only for a few hours per day. It's not fatal if you don't, but you may end up expending a lot of CPU time on an LL test when a factor could otherwise easily have been found.

If you are able to allow the client to use plenty of memory - at least 200MB, but 500MB is preferred and even more is better yet - then consider setting one core on P-1 assignments. The project needs more of this kind of work.

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