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I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the rally. It really was a Free-DC BBQ. A big congrats to Free-DC for bringing the super firepower to finally take down ROLP!

Also a big thanks to Lennart for coming in for the last 8-12 hours and bringing ROLP up near half of Free-DC's score. ROLP guys, we'll get 'em next time! Maybe we can get Lennart to crunch the whole rally. That will make things interesting!

Everyone, feel free to leave your machines crunching. Port 8000 is still loaded with work.

I now have some admin stuff to do to finallize things. Petey and perhaps another person or 2 still have at least 3 new primes to submit. I just now got an Email address for Petey and will follow up with him shortly to see if he would like credit for his primes.

Thanks again for our most successfully rally ever!

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