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We'll keep loading up port 8000 with work all the way to n=500K (in n=10K-15K chunks) with the current k-range of k=1400-2000! We hope some of you guys stick around with many cores to move it quickly up there. Lot's of fun with these well-sieved files! We could always use continued help on port 9000 also. No top-5000 ranges there so still relatively quick tests for n=200K-350K. There's also ports 4000 & 5000 for much higher tests n>615K for fewer but much bigger primes that will stick around on the top-5000 site for a while.

As David says, we now have a veritible "candy store" of different kinds of tests that can be run on the, slow, and in between.

We could run the next rally on our ports 4000 & 5000 for the range of k=400-800 and n>615K. Almost no previously known primes there.

This rally has helped fill in some gaping holes in these ranges. We had to search in and around areas that had already been searched to make sure nothing was missed, hence the 40-45% confirmed primes. Above n=440K, there are extremely few known primes so that is the target I'd like to shoot for over the next few weeks to a month for port 8000. Once there, like ports 4000 & 5000, almost everything will be new primes.


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