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In doing the verification in the above post, I have also found the following:

For reporting top-5000 primes, it's been better than expected for as many new people that we have running the rally. Excluding the last 2 hours where 3 new primes have been found but the people aren't around at the moment, there are only 2 new primes that have not been submitted to top-5000.

Both new primes are by LaurenU2. He also has multiple confirmed primes that I'll go ahead and list in our primes thread.

Does LaurenU2 know anything about submitting top-5000 primes? If not, does he want to? If not, I think Ian suggested that we create some misc. "anonymous NPLB ID" at top-5000 to get them submitted; something that I agree with.

We appreciate the huge crunching power of whomever enjoys running rallies with us but we just need to know how to handle these things that they likely know little about and may not be concerned about.

David, Carlos, James, or other Free-DCers; any thoughts on this? LaurenU2 has received Email notification of the primes and an Email from me pointing him to the thread for new people for the rally. I'll follow up again with more specifics on reporting primes shortly and see if I get a response by mid-day Sat.


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