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Glad you approve of our progress and am very happy that it's turned out so well. You may not have realized this, but while we were going hard on port 9000, it was still handling all the other ports you have running at that same time.
Plus, I downloaded CentOS 5.2 for Bok's new stats server, a large demo game and Windows 7 in the background.

AMDave has been working tirelessly in the background adding new features and adding enhancements. Soon the auto-notify will work and everyone will start getting double notifications... once we are happy with it, or you all get tired of duplicate emails, I'll stop my scripts and then there will be only one thing left to do before the total conversion is complete.
That status web page I create so you can keep an eye on what is going on with each port is the last thing to be done.

Did you see the new admin panel AMDave created so you can turn on/off email notifications by port and Server.
He has written it so that if it finds a new port it wasn't aware of, it will just add it into the database with the default of Email=Y on that port number and server
Then you guys can toggle it on or off as need be...

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