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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
Server is not working hard at all.
Compared to port 9000 scrolling on by, I'd say we could handle lots and lots more.
No more worries on future rallies I guess <yawn>

...amazing servers to say the least, David. Nice work! They appear to be fully professional grade; that is able to handle large #'s of corporate clients.

I estimated that just to get to the peak load of port 9000, we'd have to have 1600 cores on port 8000. I recall, port 9000 could handle far more than it's highest point, because I believe you said it hadn't exceeded socket 17-18 out of 125 sockets or so.

That tells me that you could handle upwards of 10,000 cores (conservative estimate) on port 8000 at the current testing rate.


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