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Originally posted by MoeStooge
Wow. That's exactly where it happened for me.

It was on M420217 with the 20K FFT.

The fact that it is happening in the exact same spot makes me feel better about my situation at least.

Hi again!

I tested in safe mode according to the post from dsouza123.
And it crashes again at M420217 with 20K FFT !!!
I've also set min and max to 20K in custom mode and Prime95 crashes directly.
With memory set to 800MB it seems to run well.
Also 925MB and 927MB is working.
Can someone explain that??

MoeStooge, which mainboard you have?
And what RAM configuration? (I've got 2x512MB)
Perhaps this is important, too.

Either there is a general problem with the new P4 or George Woltman has to fix a bug in his sourcecode.
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