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Hi. Same behaviour on my new PC. I've got a P42.8 with hyperthreading, an Asus P4C800-E and 2x512 MB Kingston valueram. Also no Overclocking.
Windows (Xp SP1) reports that Prime95 has encountered a problem and wants to report it to Microsoft.
This happens always after 3 hours or so.
I made several new Windows installations and also tested slower RAM-timings in BIOS.
The only card installed is my Geforce4 (Asus 8460Ultra).
I've disabled raid,sound and all legacy device support.
The only devices attached are one IDE harddrive and one DVD-ROM.
I've tested directly after a clean Windows install (Inf update installed of course) and Prime always crashes.
I've checked temperature also (Cpu max 48deg.C ; Board 37deg.C) I think that's ok.

The last time i tried running the "blend-test" , I realised that Prime95 seems to crash always at the same point, when testing:
270000 iterations of M420217 using 20K FFT length
I will inspect that further.
Perhaps someone can tell me what I have to configure to repeat
a specific iteration without doing the whole torture test.

Perhaps we have found a new Pentium-bug....
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