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Looks like you know exactly what you are talking about
From which we could assume that you are Mr. Pförtner? (the OEIS sequences with your name attached to them are quite fresh, and I assume this is a very actual domain of your interest, and I see you are also the one who proposed the puzzle - this is indeed an interesting puzzle)
It is probably hopeless to deny that I am that person. Years ago, we wrote an article about upper bounds of determinants, and in the update to this by Markus Sigg, just the non-Latin determinants using the multiset [1^n,...,n^n] come as an example. Actually, the topic would have been done, but by coincidence, I recently came across the OEIS files of the students research group, who have just dealt exactly with the determinants of Latin squares. It was logical then to look at their relationship with our bound. n = 9 was just the first open problem, and now we are on the subject. Same question as in the puzzle also for n=10, ... if you have abundance in unused computer resources. Much more promising would be good ideas regarding a structure of the matrices.
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