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I found calculating when the original pairs (that were later handed out a 2nd time) were handed out to be helpful, even though you couldn't determine when the duplicated pairs (that actually DID reject) were handed out. When the rejected results were returned doesn't help us much.

Here's why: Likely the originals and the duplicates were handed out at about the same time. As you could see from the calculated times above, those original pairs were all handed out at 2 distinct times, one of which I was able to correlate almost exactly to the power outage. In other words, this tells me that there was some distinct problem that occurred at those 2 times. Had the original pairs been handed out at more random times, we could not come to such a conclusion. Even if the duplicated pairs had been handed out at distinct times, we couldn't discern such because, as you said, the rejected results don't show how much time was taken.

By gleening as much info. as possible through calculations such as this allows us to hopefully cut down on it in the future. Anyway, I agree, it's not easy to gleen much info. from things on LLRnet. I guess we'll have to stop now.

One more question: Will getting David's code on to my servers mean that we can avoid the "loop thing" code to restart the servers? If so, that will prevent quite a bit of this "after outage" multiple crashes that we keep encountering.


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