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Umpire threatening? Baloney.

Verbally abusive, yes. She deserved the penalties (IMO, smashing her raquet was especially egregious). It's a shame Naomi Osaka was denied the privilege of a clean win, by dint of Williams being assessed a game penalty after her rant.

I think, however, that her appeal for calm was a good thing. The crowd had gotten ugly. In baseball, the corresponding sentiment is, "We wuz robbed!" They felt the umpire had treated Ms. Williams "unfairly," and were booing the winner. This is why she appealed for them to "give credit." And the appeal did have the desired effect. They began applauding the winner.

Never mind John McEnroe. Imagine "always the best athlete" Il Duce out on the tennis court, on the wrong end of a close line call...
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