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US Open 2018: Naomi Osaka wins after Serena Williams outburst - BBC Sport

A great player, but sheesh, what an enormous sense of entitlement and the-rules-don't-apply-to-me-ness. For some reason I found this part especially galling:
Security staff ran on to the perimeter of the court as [umpire Carlos] Ramos walked off and the Portuguese did not return, as he would usually have done, for the trophy presentation.

More boos followed at the start of the ceremony, leading to Osaka pulling her visor down over her eyes to hide her tears.

Williams appealed for calm in her runner-up speech, asking her supporters to "give credit" to Osaka's achievement.
"Give credit" - gosh, how magnanimous of her royal highness. Especially given that HRH was the one whose tantrum and umpire-threatening ended up overshadowing a great match from Osaka and ruining the joy the winner should have felt at her accomplishment. Serena stole something from Osaka which can never be restored. What a disgrace.

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