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Originally Posted by JohnFullspeed View Post
Perhaps you have a option but where?

In a PDF file like have a zoom (I read only size 26)
but when you print the doc the police is the original siize(10,12...)
PDF is well a Print Format

Like Millions of humans I am neer blind
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Unfortunate, but true. PDF tries to recreate the represented document exactly, which means it's hard to resize something after it's initially printed.

Try the attached. I upsized the text. (I was reluctant to post the driver article because of the nature of the release I got, but since it is freely available on now, I think this is a little more allowed...)

Be aware: without some more work some of the equations don't fit the page correctly, with the text overflowing off the right margin, but the main article text should be easier to manage.
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