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Default Verser Finds Four Factors, Finishes 'Feuillian

Rocke Verser has found factors of three ElevenSmooth composites with ECM. The C217 from the M-Aurifeuillian of M(6300) cracked as P29 * P179 on June 11th. Then the C1266 from the L-Aurifeuillian of M(41580) yielded a P43 on July 4th and the C312 from the L-Aurifeuillian of M(7700) yielded a P31 on July 6th. In 1997 Rocke wrote the DESCHALL client program that solved the original RSA DES Challenge, using distributed computing and brute force to break 56 bit encryption.

The ElevenSmooth Project had previously found two factor for each of M(41580) and M(7700). The factorizations are now

M(6300) M-part = P39 * P179
M(7700) L-part = P5 * P10 * P18 * P20 * P31 * C282
M(41580) L-part = P15 * P22 * P43 * C1223
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