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Originally Posted by retina View Post
Hopefully they were thinking: "I just want to pick numbers that no one else chooses, so then I get the entire prize to myself and don't have to share it with anyone else."

Otherwise that number sequence is just as good as any other. There is no reason in particular to either avoid or choose that sequence (except for the thought I posted above).
Yeah, well even before I got really heavy into this, I had read stories about the number of people who play (to me) "stupid" picks, like the first X numbers or any X sequential numbers.

Granted, I've wasted a lot of money but we have several regulars who put me to shame. I just realized the other day that I have not seen one of our Fantasy 5 players who played every day to the tune of $35-$40. And talk about optimism, he wanted all his played register receipts done separately from his cashing receipts, because he was going to use all of them to write off against any jackpot that he might win.
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