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I haven't posted anything for a while so just to keep my stats up...
Xyzzy's post is one of the best in this thread.
To address the question in general use the double slit analogy for coherence regarding what is random and what is not; Fermi, Bose- Einstein....
Combinatorial methods discretize unique choices, probability paths develop a manner of choosing and statistically the multinomial distribution
provides an overall picture of draws without replacement like the Canadian 649 lottery.
Epstein's book, Hamming's "Numerical Reference for.." describing Herschel's derivation of the normal curve,Benford's Law (some excellent
peer reviewed papers exist on this topic) are some good sources as well as some popular articles (ie. Southampton lottery analysis) give some
tips like choosing "unpopular" numbers... .
Recent results in AI/GPU research such as the GO and Poker tournaments and blackjack software such as what Qfit provides are good technological
approaches to exploiting entropy for fun and profit.
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