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Default Upgraded CPU - shows as untrusted software

I recently upgraded the CPU in my Dell 7920 workstation, from

* 8-core, 16-thread 2.1 GHz, Intel Xeon Silver 4110
* 26-core, 52-thread 2.0 GHz Intel Xeon Platinum 8167M.

(Yes, clock rate dropped a bit, and single-threaded performance of this CPU is not great. but it was relatively cheap (£300 GBP used). The better CPUs are seriously expensive!

I see in the log file

[Wed Feb 10 20:15:39 2021 - ver 30.3]
Updating computer information on the server
Sending expected completion date for M109832003: Feb 20 2021
[Fri Feb 12 08:20:22 2021 - ver 30.3]
Updating computer information on the server
PrimeNet error 33: CPU identity mismatch
CPU identity mismatch: g=cec55d0b251e2540f7d12d40df684779 hg=7e20ab46943823dfd68777ec4682f847 wg=
Updating computer information on the server
Exchanging program options with server
Sending expected completion date for M109832003: Feb 18 2021
The RAM in this machine is far from optimal. I have a couple of 32 GB DIMMs, but they should be installed in groups of 4 identical ones for these Xeons, so I need to add two more DIMMs of some sort. My plan was to replace the 32 GB RDIMMs with 64 GB LRDIMMs (load reduced type), but I have had one Kingston LRDIMM on order for more than a month. I have the money to buy 3 more, but I'm reluctant to do so because of the delay in actually getting them.

The status of my CPUs shows "Recently seen untrusted software", which is a bit inaccurate, as the software is unchanged, it is the hardware that should not be trusted! (I did run the stress testing on this, and found no problems).

This machine has been on/off more than I would have liked, as I am booting multiple versions of linux on this ast different times. I will drop this computer once the workload is finished.

Should I merge the CPUs on the Gimps website or leave them sepparate. I guess they are different CPUs, but they are crunching the same work.

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