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Ok, people, thanks for jumping to my help, hehe, me and kriesel go long way back, so there was no harm done this time. I mean, I don't consider he harmed me in any way, ever. In fact, I really like his post #6, with the Roosevelt quote, albeit I don't consider myself a "gladiator in the arena". That's for show, and I understand some people like it. Not me. Anyhow, if he considers I harmed him in any way, now or in the past, is his problem. I still don't know how a random guy from the web, which you don't know, and who doesn't know you, can harm you with his arguments.

On the other hand, kriesel, buddy, I agree with Curtis' post that if you would post only half as much as you do, and limit to your "tutorials" (which I do use sometimes, and they were quite useful to me in the past, like for example when I was looking for the format of the worktodo lines for different work types, it was the easiest way to find it in your "tutorial", due to the well-done "contents" table), and to the subjects you really know, then your status and credibility here would be much higher. Have you ever seen me commenting about, say, gnfs, prime gaps, etc? No, I try to limit myself to subject I REALLY understand well (P-1 is one of them). And there, yeah, the RDS inside me sometimes overflows from my ears

For which, I don't apologize.

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