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Luigi, the ARM version will have the same PRP support as the rest, I currently have one PRP-DC running on my Intel Haswell box and another on one of my Samsung S7 Android phones as part of my pre-release testing. The ARM run will need ~3 months, but I will not hold up the release waiting for it to finish, rather I will consider a successful Haswell PRP-DC run sufficient as a correctness test, since I have done enough short-length tests on my various ARM and Intel hardware to assure myself that the various builds are producing matching results. I know you are keen to see PRP-C support ... I am hopeful that with the basic PRP stuff in place adding PRP-C functionality will be less of an effort, but that remains to be seen.

In the meantime, just finished analyzing and working around a subtle bit of regexp weirdness was causing first-time-PRP-assignment-fetch to fail in my v19 script, at the same time that PRP-DC-fetch was working fine. Laurent sent me some avx-512 debug data yesterday which will hopefully allow me to pin down the bug in the new 2-input-FFT-mul code there, and my check of the PRP-DC on my Haswell this morning showed that said run got hit by a data-corruption glitch - my Haswell is prone to these, roughly once per week under full all-cores load - and that caused the retry-on-error logic in the code to go into an infinite loop, so another bug to track down. Back to the salt mines!
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