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Default Coordination thread for redoing P-1 factoring

Some of us have been redoing P-1 on exponents with only stage 1 done. But because it's not (always) possible to register such assignments, this creates the risk of stepping on toes. Therefore, I decided to create this thread to coordinate such factoring efforts. Feel free to share which ranges you're working on and any interesting factors you find.

I'll start: I have three machines that are redoing P-1 factoring:
  • A dual-core laptop working on exponents around 43.9m and 47.9m
  • A quad-core MacBook Pro working on exponents around 43.6m
  • A quad-core desktop working on exponents around 47.6m and 77.2m

All three computers are alternating between normal P-1 factoring and rerunning P-1 on exponents without stage 2 done.

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