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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
Please let me know the other bugs you found.
Output is always in pfgw format regardless what switch is used
-f --format=f format of output file (A=ABC, D=ABCD (default), N=NEWPGEN)
( to clarify -extension is always pfgw, but header doesnot match , so srfile cannot process file)
-W option doesnot work
-P value is not working

C:\Users\Alpha-I7\Desktop\mtsieve>fbncsieve -P 1000000000000 -k1e4 -K1e6 -s k*3^^11+1 --format=A
fbncsieve v1.3, a program to find factors of k*b^n+c numbers for fixed b,n, and c and variable k
Changing p_max to 420890. All remaining terms will be prime.
Sieve started: 1 < p < 420890 with 990001 terms
Sieve completed at p=420899.
Processor time: 0.08 sec. (0.00 sieving) (0.35 cores)
59545 terms written to k_b3_n11+1.pfgw
Primes tested: 35458. Factors found: 930456. Remaining terms: 59545. Time: 0.22 seconds.

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