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If the "expected score" is accurate at this size, you should not search further. You may well find a poly that's 5% faster by completing the search, but it's pretty clear that 5% of sieve time is greater than the poly-search time.

However, the Expected Score code is simply guesswork- without previous experience about its accuracy, you don't know if you might improve by 10% or more. I'd compromise, and search a couple more hours- if nothing comes close in that time, I'd assume I got lucky at the outset and proceed to sieving.

A5 coefficients below 10000 should not be searched- msieve takes longer at very low A5 values to do the same work. Also note skew is 50M, very high for this size of number; this occasionally causes hiccups in later stages (I have not run into such a hiccup yet, but I follow Frmky's advice to use large A5, say 5-50M for this size number). Large A5 coefficients have lower skews than very small values.
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